Bioeksen R & D Technologies presents efficient solutions for various fields in molecular biology. You can find unique and quality products as well as supporting team who are eager to assist you along the way. Bioeksen is an Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Ari Teknokent company.  Our products have been meeting the key technological needs of the strategic institutions such as Turkish Ministry of Health (public health control labs), Turkish Military Armed Forces (food quality control labs), Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (veterinary control central laboratories) and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (food quality control labs).

Bioeksen has developed the first 100% domestic robotic molecular analyzers and started their production in Turkey. The products have been routinely used for rapid identification of viral and bacterial pathogens in human and animal health and food safety areas. Our academic R&D team involved in 88 different projects of 28 different universities such as ITU, Bogazici University, Istanbul University, ODTU, Marmara University, Hacettepe University, Istanbul Medipol University and shared our experience and products with the academic life science researchers. Our R&D team has currently been carrying out 5 different R&D projects founded by TUBITAK, KOSGEB and Ministry of Development. These projects are related to obesity risk, sportive performance, fungal and viral pathogen genotyping and nanotechnology-based biosensors for the onsite diagnosis.