HRM Analysis and Database Creation Software

HRM analysis is an important technique of molecular biology developed to detect mutations, polymorphisms and epigenetic changes in DNA samples. HRM analysis is performed with high amounts of specific DNA molecules obtained after the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). These DNA molecules are processed with fluorescent dyes designed for HRM analysis, and HRM dyes are characterized by binding to the hydrogen bonds in the DNA molecule. As the temperature increases, the DNA molecule looses its hydrogen bonds. During this process, the fluorescence quantities of the DNA molecules are observed in high resolution to form a melting curve. This high-resolution melting curve obtains a specific pattern according to the sequence and length of the DNA molecule.

HRM analysis is a system developed in addition to the Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR). Existing analysis programs are used for mutation detection, polymorphism, epigenetic changes and zigosity assays.

The Biospeed HRM analysis program was designed to sequence-specifically group samples using Real-Time PCR data. In addition, if pre-known species or mutations are processed by the database building tool, the analyzed samples are automatically compared with the database and the result is determined in the seconds. In this way, a more effective solution method is presented by reducing the cost of analysis, time and effort.


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  • An easy step after Real-Time PCR analysis

  • No need for extra analysis, time, effort, cost…

  • Optimised to work with universall DNA barcoding genes

  • Species grouping in 15 minutes

  • Allows custom database creation to identify species in seconds 

  • Usable with numerous qPCR devices

  • Allows to monitor Microbial community shift without Gel based methods

HRM Analysis and Database Creation Software

HRM Analysis and Database Creation Software