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Most qPCR instruments detect fluorescence through the top of the well and loss of signal through the tube wall reduces the amount of signal returning to the detector when using clear tubes. White wells are lightproof, fundamentally decreasing signal loss through tube walls and increasing reflection. This trait is especially important for determining targets with low expression levels as signals are likely to be low. Correlation of indistinguishable responses between plates with either clear, frosted or white wells features that white wells perform better than clear and frosted wells with both before Ct values and higher general end fluorescence values.

Prior Ct valuess are especially advantageous for decreasing false positives, particularly where the Ct estimation of the quality of gene of interest is more prominent than 38. It is surely known that before Ct values are more reliable and precise than later Ct values because of the potential nearness of primer dimers.

When using clear PCR tubes, contamination and dirt on the well surface of thermal cycler heat blocks can have a important factor affect on fluorescent readings by changing the consistency of reflection between wells. White wells are not affected by this issue due to their lightproof properties resulting to far higher consistency between well.


Cat. NoNameQuantityPrice
BS-PSP-PLT-25Bio-Speedy® 96 Well Plate25Inquire
BS-PSP-PLT-50Bio-Speedy® 96 Well Plate50Inquire
BS-PSP-PLT-100Bio-Speedy® 96 Well Plate100Inquire
BS-PSP-STP-100Bio-Speedy® 8-strip tubes25Inquire
BS-PSP-STP-100Bio-Speedy® 8-strip tubes50Inquire
BS-PSP-STP-100Bio-Speedy® 8-strip tubes100Inquire

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  • Thin Walled tube for best heat transfer

  • Free of DNase, RNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitor, ATP, Endotoxin. All products are ready to use in qPCR

  • highest sensitivity & consistency

  • Manufactured from highly pure polypropylene

  • Suitable for most common thermal cyclers 

  • Suitable for standard PCR and real-time PCR

PCR Strips, Tubes and Plates

PCR Strips, Tubes and Plates